Róisín Bán

Roisin Ban are a Celtic/Irish Folk Band based in the Leeds area of Yorkshire, UK. We play about 50/50 songs & tunes. Tunes are mainly  trad Irish but we also play some Bretton & Scots tunes.

Fiddler, Chris & box player Paddy are both members of Leeds Comhaltas & have been involved in competitions & productions at the Fleadhs for many years.

Chris has been in numerous bands over the decades including celtic rockers Gaelforce in the 90s & more recently in Mike Hardings band.

Gordon on flute & guitar, learnt his playing on the Leeds Scene playing in bands such as Iona with Dave Bulmer & later on in the supergroup `Dabhand` alongside Tom McConville & Tom Napper.

The songs are a mixture of Irish, Scots, English folk & self composed.

The band is underpinned by the guitar & multi instremental talents of Steve Lacey & Maddy Smyth on bodhran/low whistle.


Róisín Bán