Thursday’s Band

Thursday’s Band

Thursday’s Band are Lucinda Fudge, Mark Gamon, Matt Kelly and Nick Blishen.

You’ll hear fiddles, viola, mandolin, guitars and three voices. You’ll hear songs that are poignant and personal, and songs that tell tall tales of the past. And you’ll hear many interwoven styles: folk, country, Cajun, even a whisper of rock - and a healthy dose of classical, when the strings start to soar. With three writers on board, it’s all about the stories in the songs - but they bounce along happily on a repertoire of tunes.

Two years in, the entire band are agreed: this is the best thing we’ve ever done. Here’s what people have said:

“The most beautiful music I’ve heard in years…”

“Spine-tingling… a class act…”

“The songs sounded wonderful drifting across the field as the sun set. Brilliant songwriting, wonderful harmonies, and fabulous combinations of instruments…”